Screen Kiss Scrapbook

Pages: 12 - 3

Mafia Night – Physics & Engineering Foundation Year, Christmas 2003

 Looks like Trouble… J    Us? Camera-shy?!

 Franco’s too cool for School   Suzy and Alex find a nice dark corner!

 Joe’s not convinced the Mafia use straws 

Movie stills #1: Adriano confronts a man who owes him money… J

…And refuses to speak to the Paparazzi afterwards.

 Alex knows where Suzy is hiding now

Suzy is rumbled and runs to Adam for help

The shining examples of studenthood J

Adriano refuses the Paparazzi’s request for a photo with Suzy…

But the Paparazzi can afford to be persuasive! J

Matt finds out he’s very popular with the ladeeez…

…And survives unscathed J

Chris finds out who drank the Tequila 

…It’s just not the same when he tries that approach J

Lisa T. says it’s time to go home and I should change the company name to Screen Licks J

(Thanks to The Square & Chicago’s)

Ó Lisa Scullard 2003